Sat. Mar 25th, 2023
US President Donald Trump (Photo: Getty Images)

On Friday, US President Donald Trump signed a proclamation suspending the entry of immigrants who cannot afford healthcare insurance within thirty days of entering the United States or cannot afford to pay for healthcare themselves.

According to a report in Reuters, the measure would be enforced on November 3rd. This would not affect the people who have been granted asylum or refugee status.

The United States has enacted a more strict approach with regards to immigration. During his address to the United Nations General Assembly, the president had informed that his administration would not allow the entry of migrants to the United States. Recently, the US has signed agreements with Honduras and El-Salvador providing the asylum seekers with an option to seek asylum in the Central American countries before they apply to the US.

President Trump has been clear about lowering the number of illegal and legal immigrants in the country, a core issue throughout his presidency. According to a report in Reuters, the administration last month said that they would allow only 18,000 immigrants in the US by 2020. In his proclamation, the president said that the United States Government is making the problem worse by admitting thousands of aliens who have not demonstrated any ability to pay for their healthcare costs.

The rule would not apply to those who seek asylum or those who have refugee status but would extend to spouses and parents of those who have been allowed in the country on an immigration visa.

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