South Korea, US hold talks paving ways to North Korea’s peninsula denuclearization through UNSC resolution

A team of a delegation from the United States and South Korea has met on Thursday in Washington DC to pave ways to dismantle North Korea’s nuclear weapon program, in the midst of US sanctions levelled against the country.

According to ANI news reports,  after the second summit between North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un and US President Donald Trump in Hanoi, in Vietnam, the US-South Korean delegation met for the first time aimed at denuclearization of the Korean peninsula.

US state department deputy spokesperson Robert Palladino was quoted by Yonhap news agency as saying both countries “shared updates on efforts to achieve our shared goal of final, fully, verified denuclearization, including through the implementation of United Nations Security Council resolution”.

Palladino added that two sides also “reaffirmed their commitment to continue regularly hosting these consultations and coordination as alliance partners”.

South Korean delegation was led by Rhee Dong-yeol, South foreign ministry’s bureau of peace in the Korean peninsula, while the US delegation was led by Alex Wong, the deputy assistant secretary of state for North Korean.

Palladino said Stephen Biegum, us special envoy for North Korea, has met with the UNSC members in order to discuss the Hanoi summit as well as North’s sanctions.

The US-South meeting comes after reports by South Korean spy agency and two US think tanks alleging North Korea of restoring parts of its nuclear missile launch site.



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