Venezuela: Nicolas Maudro launches largest-ever military drills

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Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has officially launched the country’s largest military drill ever on Sunday to show that his country is more than a match to any potential invader, according to the event’s live broadcast.

According to Sputnik news reports, the president has visited the northern state of Miranda before the beginning of the military exercises, in order to take a look at the equipment of military as well as Russian-built rocket launchers, which are being used by the country’s armed forces.

Reports said the military exercises will going to last until February 15 and also are being set to become the most important and major drills that have been held by Caracas over its 200 years old history, said Maduro.

Earlier, the president had announced military drills where the armed forces are poised to hold practices defending the country’s territory, rivers and coast from international (foreign) invaders. Maduro said the military should also review its mechanism for the military and civil mobilization.

Previously, Maduro said in order to defence Venezuela, the national armed forces must be fully prepared, ahead of the opposition head Juan Guaido declared himself as the interim president of the nation, which the US along with many Latin American with European states have recognized Guaido as the nation’s head of the state. Though, Maduro accused Washington of orchestrating the coup in Latin American country.


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