Taliban delegation to include ‘women’ in Afghan peace talks in Doha, spokesperson Mujahid says

Both Afghanistan and the Taliban government has informed on Monday that women will be included for the first time in next round of Afghan peace talks in Doha, Qatar, scheduled to begin on April 19.

According to Reuters news reports, the Taliban spokesperson Zabihullah Mujahid told Kabul’s reporters, via telephonic conversation, on Monday, that “there will be women in the Taliban delegation in Doha”.

Mujahid said, “There will be women among Taliban delegation members in the Doha, Qatar meeting.”

The move represented a step towards addressing demands that women need to be included in peace talks, intended to lay foundations for a future peace settlement.

He added, “These women have no family relationship with the senior members of the Taliban, they are normal Afghans, from inside and outside the country, who have been supporters and part of the struggle of the Islamic Emirate.”

The Afghan government, earlier the day, announced that they have closed the process of finalizing the 150-member delegation which would be attending the peace talks later this week in Doha. The official added the delegation will include “dozens of women”.

Afghan state-run TOLO news agency has reported the Taliban and the US delegation had arrived in Doha on Monday for some initial talks, although the new nuclear talks round will kick off from April 19 to April 21.

A US state department spokesperson said dates have not been yet finalized for talks between the US and Taliban, adding, “We do not have new U.S. talks with the Taliban to announce at this time. Before additional talks, we look forward to knowing the outcome of the intra-Afghan dialogue.”



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