‘Yellow vest’ demonstrates against fuel tax hike in Paris

Protesters wearing yellow vests, a symbol of a French drivers' protest against higher diesel taxes, gather at the Place de l'Etoile near the Arc de Triomphe in Paris, France, December 1, 2018. REUTERS/Benoit Tessier

In France, the “yellow vest” protesters demonstrated on Saturday along with the anti-establishment movement about to reach its twelfth week of the nationwide protests. Marches and rallies took place not only in Paris but also in Bordeaux, Lille, Lyon, Toulouse and Marseille and many other small cities of the country.

According to Sputnik news reports, the “yellow vest” protests have begun last year in mid-November raising their voices against the gas and diesel tax hike in the country. While the country has since scrapped a proposed tax increment, the demonstration has got evolved into the broader movement against the government’s policies.

Other than raising their voices for usual demands, the ‘yellow vest’ protesters will also be raising an issue of nation’s security and police violence over them following the protest head Jerome Rodrigues having an eye injury in a much earlier rally.

More than 10,000 protesters wearing red scarves demonstrated last week in Paris, in favour of the French Republic and against the “yellow vest” protesters and its violence in the country.

According to The Washington Post news reports, around 10,500 people marched on January 28, in Paris, according to Police records. A diverse crowd with red scarves gathered to decry the violent scenario the movement has inspired, including anti-Semitic gestures and words, attacks on French journalists.

The crowd marched to the Bastille monument from the Place de la nation square while chanting “Yes to democracy, no to revolution” as they waved European Union and French flags.


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