Yemen Peace-Talk: UN proposes ceasefire deal to Yemen’s Houthi, asks for rebel withdrawl

The United Nations has on Tuesday, proposed Yemen’s Houthi rebels to put an end to the war and withdraw from Hodeidah as a part of ceasefire deal that would help the strategic port city by protecting lot of lifelines of millions in the war zone country.

On the fifth day of Yemen peace talk held in Sweden, the proposal by UN was made as a part of slew of measures the UN is hoping to push it through to end it, which has enlightened the world’s most humanitarian crisis.

In an official draft document, in exchange for the rebel withdrawal, the Saudi-led military group fighting the Houthis would stop an offensive on port city. Then the port city area would be surveillance by a joint local committee and would be supervised by the UN.

However, the document did not tried to propose the settlement of UN peacekeeper troops. Though on Monday, Yemen organized that the government has rejected the long term existence of UN troops in the port city by itself.

However, there were no words from both side over the acceptance of the document, but although, the government expected to release a formal response too soon.

Martin Griffiths, UN envoy to Yemen, said that he hopes to receive approval on the agreement from both sides under few days and mark the peace talk – a major step.

Griffiths said both the sides are dealing with “de-escalation” over the fights around two cities ­of Taiz and Hodeidah. He said, “If we are able to achieve progress on these two places, I think we will have done a great service to Yemen,” adding, “I hope we will get agreements in the next couple of days on a range of issues.”

Since 2015, when Saudi Arabia and its gulf had launched a bombing campaign in Yemen in order to restore the recognized president Abedrabbo Mansour Hadi, the country has been torn apart by wars.

Resident of port city Ebrahim Jabari said, “We need a peace deal now to stop this crisis,” adding, “But we have little hope, we fear this is only another round that will end only for another chapter of war to begin.”


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