Lavanya Bharadwaj : Actors get paid more for Indonesian shows!

Actors get paid more for Indonesian shows: Lavanya Bharadwaj!
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Lavanya Bharadwaj is very well known for essaying the role of ‘Sahadeva’ in the popular show titled “Mahabharat”. He is one of the first Indian television actors to shoot in Indonesia along with the so many of actors such as Shakti Arora, Shashank Vyas and Digangana Suryavanshi making time for Indonesian shows, Lavanya says that money is a big motivation, “It is true that actors get paid much more in Indonesia. Indonesian channels are paying a very good amount, that is way better than what actors get here. So everybody wants to go there. Nowadays Indian shows are very famous there. That is why Indonesian channels are calling Indian artists for the promotion of their shows,” he said.

Moreover, he added that shooting for his show in Indonesia was amazing, he said, “I would like to say that in Indonesian people give us so much respect. It was the first show in Indonesia which got telecast there and the rating was so high. Due to this, Indonesian channel, Antv offered us a one-year contract. I did two game shows as a host there, with almost 240 episodes, three telefilms and one reality show which was based on Bollywood. Nowadays, there are many shows coming up there but no show can overshadow the fame of Mahabharat.” He added, “I remember how the fans made lots of fan clubs for all the Pandavas. They sold t-shirts with our names, stickers and all.”

Talking much about his Indonesia show, Lavanya said, “I have got a chance to go there because of Swastik pictures, that produced of Mahabharat. So I don’t want to compare. For me, both countries have given me a lot. But yes, Indonesia has been kind to me.” He is on the lookout for work that challenges him, “I want to do something nice and challenging because I know I still have miles to go as an actor. I am also open to doing a reality show, but it all depends on my circumstances at the time, ” he said.