G7 Summit 2018 : What’s the hullabaloo about?

Donald Trump is one leader who knows how to stay in news, even if it is for all the wrong reasons. The recently concluded...

Depression is a disease and it is time we treat it like one

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Denmark’s Burqa Ban : How it impacts the world?

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Why the Media and Sensationalism go hand in hand.
world environment day

World Environment Day 2018 : A dismal contradiction?

On the World Environment Day this year, the city of Tuticorin reverberates with the cries of families of the ones whose voices have been...

China-Taiwan Dynamics in Light of the Burkina Faso Move

26th May was not a historic day in any sense, but just another day in cross-strait relations, when Burkina Faso, following the lead of...

Irish Abortion Referendum: The Indian Connection

If the island of forests and myth is the world’s fading dream, the land of magic and wonders is the beat of its heart....

North Korea-South Korea-US: A tango of nations on nuclear symphony

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Feminism in India : Are Indians selectively feminist?

An Account of Hypocrisy and Double Standards at their finest

Morgan Freeman Case : The inglorious fall of falsified idols

Women doing great at the workplace, more women gravitating towards the STEM fields of study, women in politics, women breaking barriers and challenging conventions,...