Wed. Oct 5th, 2022

Panaji: Award-winning film director, cinematographer, and graphic designer Aditya Vikram Sengupta on Tuesday at the International Film Festival of India said that the shift to digital has changed the mind-set of filmmakers.

He said, “Digitalisation has been a game-changer. With the coming of the digital age, taking retakes has become easier and visualization has taken a backseat.
The process of capturing an image is not real anymore.”

Sengupta said, “I am just a medium serving to help a film grow”, stated the film-maker who is planning his next film on celluloid. About his influences and inspirations. My childhood, my growing up influenced my films. I have had a strong relationship with Kolkata. I have been close to the city from a young age.”

“I intended to love life and share it with people. Film-making is almost like writing a diary. It is a tool for me to express what I want to express and I am pretty much obsessed with it. In the context of OTT platforms, he said, “It is like a mall. There is so much content,” said the filmmaker.

Sengupta further said, “All films cannot be placed in the same category. My kind of films will have a different financial model than a Rajkumar Hirani film. Channels, earnings, distribution – everything will be different There are different audiences, different markets.”

The film-maker whose debut film in 2014 earned him Indira Gandhi Award for Best Debut Film at the 62nd National Film Award, feels “Bollywood films still have the same old formula. But earlier, there used to be a solid, powerful storyline. But storylines have now become weak and need a lot of work.” However, he calls himself a Bollywood buff who was a huge Mithun Chakraborty fan and loved watching Anil Kapoor films.

The 51st Edition of Asia’s oldest and India’s biggest festival, The International Film Festival of India (IFFI), will be held in Goa from 16th January to 24th January 2021. The International Film Festival of India, conducted every year, aims at providing a common platform for the cinemas of the world to project cinematic excellence. Every year IFFI celebrates some of the finest cinematic works and showcases a bouquet of the best films from India and around the world.