UberEATS, Zomato line up to acquire Runnr

It’s been less than a month since Uber announced its entry in India’s food-tech market. The US based company seems all set to take bigger steps in order to take on already established players like Zomato.

According to some insider report, Runnr has got a term sheet from Uber as well as Zomato and talks of last round are underway. Zomato is interested in leveraging the brand name and costumer trust of Runnr and at the same time, Uber is being Runnr for its unbeatable technology.

Whichever startup gets Runnr after all the negotiations, will have a fleet of experienced and trusted delivery guys to add to their services. Over the years, Runnr has sustained itself on the basis of great user trust and unbeatable technology. We are still not sure of who will be able to place the winning bid, however, Runnr is surely going to add value in the kitty, wherever it goes.

With inputs from ET.