Monsoon session: Modi asks people to work to create ‘new India’ by 2022

Prime Minister Narendra Modi while addressing the Lok Sabha session on Wednesday said that 9 Aug holds a very special place in the history of the freedom struggle of India.

He said that this day marked the beginning of ‘Quit India’ movement under the leadership of Mahatma Gandhi and other freedom fighters on 9 Aug 1945. Now it has been 75 years and it is a day every Indian should be proud of. He further added that it is very important to educate the new generations of the sacrifices made by thousands of men and women fighting for the independence of India. During the time of the struggle, many leaders including Mahatma Gandhi had gone to jail which gave birth to new leaders like Lal Bahadur Shastri, Ram Manohar Lohia and many more.

Further talking about the fight for Independence Modi said that the British had never even imagined that such a protest could drive them out of India. He said that the period from 1987-1945 saw many phases of the freedom struggle. He also praised the determination of Gandhi and other leaders who had said that they will not agree on anything less than independent India.

During the session, Modi also asked the asked the people to take a pledge to free the country of problems like communalism, casteism and corruption and create a ‘new India’ by 2022. He said that “On the 75th anniversary of the historic Quit India movement, we salute all the great women & men who took part in the movement. Let us pledge to free India from poverty, dirt, corruption, terrorism, casteism, communalism & create a ‘New India’ of our dreams by 2022,”

Modi giving the slogan of ‘Sankalp se Siddhi’ (pledge to achieve) asked the people to work unitedly to create the India that the freedom fighters would be proud of.