Indian tanks win over Chinese tanks during war rehearsals in Russia

While Indian tanks successfully enter the 2nd phase, Chinese tank got stuck in the 1st phase & could not even complete the exercise.

Pakistan is a secular country: Shoaib Akhtar

Shoaib Akhtar describes Pakistan as a secular country after a Hindu leader was appointed as the Union Minister in the Pakistani parliament,
North Korea slammed the US

North Korea slammed the US by leaving door open to US visitors

North Korea slammed the US by saying the visitors with good will are welcomed in their nation after the US issued a ban on travelling to N.K.
Pakistan taking support of China

Pakistan constructing 6 dams in PoK with China’s assistance: Government

Minister of State for External Affairs said that the Pakistan is constructing six dams on the Indus river in PoK with China's assistance.
Modi and Trump having good relations

US likely to raise issue of India’s Security Council membership at UN

The US, which supports India being given membership at the UNSC is likely to raise the issue of New Delhi's membership of the world body. 
Shinzo Abe with his new cabinet ministers

Japanese Prime Minister seeks new cabinet remodel

Japanese Prime Minister is all set to try to restore the faith of the people of his country that was lost due to his scandal-hit government. 
increasing differences between US and North Korea

US issues a ban, prohibiting its citizen to travel to North Korea

North Korea has forced the US to make a drastic move after the death of a US student imprisoned by Pyongyang during a tourist visit.
qatar has offered a new status to the foreigners

Qatar to extend permanent citizenship status for certain expats

Qatar has made a move that will likely affect thousands of people living in the country and it is the first gulf country to do so.
US and Russia in a trade war

US Sanctions are ‘Trade War’ on Russia : PM Dmitry

US Sanction ends the hope of improving relations between Russia and new US administration, said the Russian Prime Minister, Dmitry Medvedev.
warning is being given by donald trump

Will not stop using Social Media : Donald Trump

Donald Trump has stated that he would not stop using Social media as it gives him a chance to connect directly to his supporters.