ActorVarunPruthi’s new youtube video about Delivery Boys has a great message ingrained in it

ActorVarunPruthi is famous for filming videos with simple yet important messages. The recent video of ActorVarunPruthi was posted on June 9, 2019, and has a very important message.

The video is about the delivery boys, who in this scorching heat cover length and breadth of the city to deliver your parcels. What is sad about this video is that it depicts reality so accurately. A lot of people out there are just worried about their parcels and are least concerned about another person’s health.

Nothing in this world is free, not even a glass of water, not humanity, because apparently it now comes at the cost of someone’s time. And time is money. Instead of giving these delivery boys a glass of water, these people rather preferred to have their food and “be busy”.

However, exceptions are always there. There are still some people who are more concerned about the health and welfare of other people.

Watch the video below and don’t forget to ask a delivery boy a glass of water next time.


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