Review : Is Kapil Sharma’s Firangi the worst film of 2017?

The movie's review!

Kapil Sharma‘s action comedy movie title ‘Firangi‘ has been finally released today. The movie which is directed by Rajiev Dhingra and produced by Kapil Sharma himself. The movie also features Kapil Sharma, Ishita Dutta, and Monica Gill in the lead role.

The movie ‘Firangi’ marks the second tryst with the Bollywood. However, ‘Firangi’ is the second feature movie but the Kapil is very well known face in the entertainment industry and owing to his success his stunts with the televisions shows like ‘Comedy Nights with Kapil and The Kapil Sharma Show. Earlier he has even tasted the success with his last release movie titled ‘Kis Kis Ko Pyaar Karun’ however the question remains if the comedian Kapil Sharma still has a fanbase remains intact even after him being dogged down in the numerous controversies along with the co-star Sunil Grover.

There are few celebrities that squander public rapport and then later rebuild it. However, actor-comedian Kapil Sharma may have blown away his kudos earlier this year and it seems like his most talked about the controversy along with his co-star Sunil Grover is now on his way to win back the love and support of his fans.

Kapil Sharma’s second movie ‘Firangi’ has been finally released today. In the movie, he has taken the quite a good jump from the immature slapstick of ‘Kis Kisko Pyaar Karu’. The movie Firangi promises a better and a less run of the mill story, more attention to detail and perhaps a more sincere attempt has been taken by the makers to make a better film.

However, it is true that the movie ‘Firangi’ is based on the pre-independence and the Bollywood world has seen a lot of movies on this topic earlier. But the turning point in the movie ‘Firangi’ is that the movie brings in a comic perspective to the entire thing. Moreover, with the trailer of the movie, his fans have already seen the splits after watching the trailer.

The movie ‘Firangi’ also brings the table of a different outlook towards patriotism. His movie will probably bring out the Manga’s change of heart through its interesting plot. There is one thing which many people have noticed in the trailer that it is a realistic setting. There are many images in the movie like those of vintage British cars, gilli danda, umbrella-carrying chauffeurs are very common things. Even the minute plot points out to be like the storytelling one and lore around kicking people’s back and curing disease present a well-woven in the 1920 Indian village story.

The movie ‘Firangi’ is based on the story of a buffoon named Moga (the character played by the Kapil Sharma), which is in Punjab village in the pre-independence India. He is the no-good son of the household who should have joined the workforce quite a few years back but he is still sitting idle at home. He is just good in only one thing and that is kicking people’s ailments out of them. The elderly people in the village often calls on him to kick them on their back so that they can get rid off of the pain.

There is one English officer and he hears about him and he calls him to do the same with him because he was suffering from the back pain. After seeing his magical power in his kick the officer decided to give him a job. He offered him a job at the cantonment.

However, the Moga enjoys the peaceful subservience to his masters and he is happily shining his boots and then occasionally kicking him in this back. Later, he begins to rise that the English may not be bad people after all. In the movie, he falls in love with a village girl the character which was played by the saccharine perfection by Ishita Dutta. Both of them falls in love with each other and there was a small problem with their love story and that was her father wants her to marry a colonialism-sympathizer.

This was only the concern the main problem escalates when the British officer asks the people of his village to vacate their home and their farmland as soon as possible. At that time, Moga faced the big trouble because he was having a tough question in front of him that whether to rescue his people or he can enjoy the life which is sweet and he was very happy to be a servant of his masters.

The movie ‘Firangi’ has a charm of the village life in the beginning and Kapil’s earthy humor. However, his absolute biggest strength drives it forward. As far as song are concerned in the movie then the songs are very beautiful and the Punjabi tune in the music brings back the rustic sweetness of a pind entwine splendidly with the movie’s theme. However, the premiere of the movie was very simple and a representative for a traumatic episodes in the country’s  history and the movie Firangi proves to be a complete entertainer and the one can ignore the movie.

The very first reason for giving a watch is definitely Kapil Sharma himself. However, he is not in his right form right now but just a year down the lane. Kapil is one of the highest paid actors and not just in the television world, but he is famous in the league of the Bollywood celebrities. He is very much famous for his comic timing and for the spot-on and with this movie he might wins his loyal gan back.

In the movie ‘Firangi’ if you will ignore the inspired content a period movie deserves to be made on a certain scale and with the same authenticity. The movie ‘Firangi’ has a neither and in the village, the concept looks the same and you will see the same 15 people roaming everywhere. However, the costumes and the accents in the movie are even inconsistent. There is a British South America, a London returned Indian princes’ dresses and act more like a Britishers than the actual Britishers.

She speaks to her fellow Indians in English and when she has to talk to with the Britishers there she uses the Hindi language to communicate. The evil Indian King (the character played by the Kumud Mishra) is neither funny nor menacing. The only actors who look logical in the movie and has shown some efforts are Edward Sonnenblick and Anjan Srivastav. They both have tried hard to infuse the method to the unending madness. The movie is not really tacky or repulsive it is an outright boring and that is probably worse because it is not even intentionally entertaining.