Indian edutainment show enjoys a viewership more than ‘Game Of Thrones’

Indina edutainment show

Indian edutainment (education and entertainment) show ‘Main Kuch Bhi Kar Sakti Hoon’ (MKBKSH) enjoys a viewership more than hit English TV series ‘Game Of Thrones’. The show was telecasted on the national broadcaster Doordarshan. dubbed in 14 languages and also broadcast over 216 All India Radio stations. It was first launched on International Women’s Day five years ago by Population Foundation of India.

Speaking to DNA on the elaborately put together set director Feroz Abbas Khan says, “MKBKSH is so popular that DD was showing re-runs of re-runs and yet interest wasn’t flagging. Both the MWCD and the Swachch Bharat Mission were very keen on getting the show back on track.”.

He adds, “This season has a new empowering new slogan ‘Main Desh Ka Chehra Badal Doongee’ and the show’s protagonist Dr. Sneha Mathur is tackling fresh issues, including access to hygiene and sanitation.”

He said that the success of this show has led to queries not only from UN bodies and international NGOs but also broadcast behemoths and content creators worldwide. He says, “They want to know how we’re able to marry the authentic with the dramatic to create such compelling content.”

“Current content wants to make women into snakes, insects and worse. The only thing they aren’t is human. MKBKSH may have struck a chord because of that,” he smilingly says.

PFI’s Poonam Muttreja says, “Once while shooting in a village woman angrily spoke about husbands forcing themselves upon them. And this was in presence of their menfolk. I still get goosebumps remembering that.”

Earlier, actor-filmmaker Farhan Akhtar anchored the show, now it will be hosted by Meenal Vaishnav who also plays the lead.

Talking about her role Meenal said, “Dr. Sneha is a character viewer relate to.” She further explained “We have created an IVRS based telephonic way of reaching the show. People call and tell you personal stories some of which have left me in tears when I heard them.”

She said. “I feel doubly responsible about the show and my piece to camera in the end.”


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