“Meri Padosan | Ft. Oye It’s Prank” by Samreen Ali on YouTube is the story of every desi mom

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Samreen Ali posted a new video on her YouTube channel on June 22, 2019. The video, “Meri Padosan| Ft. Oye It’s Prank” is #15 on trending with 390k+ views.

The video is literally about all the desi moms. Where on the one hand, you will see the love and care for each other that they borrow stuff to each other without hesitating, on the other hand, you will find them gossiping with some other neighbor about random kids in the society.

The welcoming nature of us as Indians sometimes becomes a cause for our distress though, because who would want to hear anything bad about their kids. Desi moms may yell at you for no reason but never will they ever listen to someone else pointing a finger at you. Well! That’s how desi moms show their love.

What is even more amazing is that this script is coming from a teenager with controlled acting that is on point.

Watch the video below and see how your moms got your back while some random aunty talks nonsense about you, and hug your mom. You can also check out the video on her YouTube channel.


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