ScoopWhoop’s new video “Life Lessons Ft. Desi Dad” on youtube will make your day

ScoopWhoop posted a new video on their channel on June 18, 2019. The video, “Life Lessons Ft. Desi Dad” has 61k views in 17 hours and is one of the sweetest things on the internet today and it will make your day for sure.

The video features a typical dad, with a bulging tummy who tries to guide his son. The dad tries to make some conversations without making it awkward for both of them; he talks about sex, consent, and condom but doesn’t refer to it directly. He wants his son to do well in life and asks him to focus on his career first but doesn’t miss a chance to insult him.

The dad in this video is super chilled and cool, he doesn’t yell at his son for drinking but instead that he came back drunk when he can sit and drink with his dad. Though he isn’t regressive but has a little trouble understanding the dynamics of today’s profession and the fact that it isn’t necessary to wear formals in all sorts of jobs. He is also worried whether his son is earning well by “making videos”. This desi dad also monitors his budget and sets a new one for him but keeping him close to the ground. Well, that’s the thing with desi parents; they will keep you closer to the ground with their savage comebacks.

The ending is, in particular, sweet and adorable and will make you go aw and will put a smile on your face.

Watch the video below if you haven’t seen it till now.


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