Shruti Arjun Anand’s “Modern Mom vs. Desi Mom” on youtube is a lot more than just an entertainment video

Shruti Arjun Anand, a renowned beauty blogger on YouTube recently posted a new video on her channel. The video was posted on June 18, 2019, and is currently #4 on the trending list with 1.8M views. The video “Modern Mom vs. Desi Mom” is not just another entertainment video.

The video presents various situations and traces the differences in the reactions of a ‘Modern Mom’ and a ‘Desi Mom’. The role of Shruti’s daughter is played by her niece Anantya Anand who is a child entertainer and is quite famous as well.

The different situations in the video cover the summer vacations, that how when the kid of a “modern mom” feels bored, they are asked to join various classes like swimming, craft class or a dance class. On the other hand, if the child of “desi mom” says that they are bored, are welcomed with sarcasm and asked to help in household chores. The modern mom orders dress for her kids online whereas a desi mom buys it from the market, with the intent of using it for a couple of years. The modern mom saves her child from all the chidings at school because she herself is busy on the phone, whereas a desi mom has to lie because she needs help in domestic work.

The video must have been created with the purpose of entertaining the viewers but is subtly showing the class divide. This class divide is not only in the video, but also in the society as well, and one that is deepening its roots. The message at the end of educating a girl child is an important one though.

Watch the video below and try to end this class divide if you see it around you because few changes will gradually lead to bigger and better changes.


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