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Koramangala is the leading place in Bengaluru, there are so many IT companies which are resistant. This place proves to be the best place where anybody can stay here because all the social facilities are present here. Hence a lot of restaurants are also present at Koramangala. People obviously get confused in selecting a good restaurant. If you are looking for fine dining restaurants, Then I can help you to find out All top restaurants in Koramangala, where you can go blindly to enjoy fine dining experiences.

Following are some best restaurant near and in Koramangala.


Ambrosia (food of gods in Greek mythology) quite literally comes as a saving grace for expatriates living in Bangalore. They serve global cuisine and pretty easy to find this restaurant, it’s on the Intermediate Ring Road just after the Sony World junction. The place serves excellent international cuisines. Apart from just great food, Ambrosia is also known for its picture-perfect ambiance. The restaurant serves excellent Italian, Mexican and Spanish delicacies along with a few selected Indian dishes.

Sahib Sindh Sultan (Mughlai) 

Sahib Sindh Sultan (Mughlai) is a fine dining restaurant located on the second floor of the Forum Mall in Koramangala, that takes one through a dining experience in true colonial style ambiance. One of the best Mughlai cuisines in Bangalore, it tastes just about as authentic as North Indian food can be in other parts of the country. The way the waiters are dressed and the way certain parts of the restaurant are made up is fascinating, they have the train coaches, and the royal chairs, and the grand curtains. I would be spoiling the surprise if I were to mention all of it in detail here. One has to experience it and savor it. This is a must-visit for Mughlai food junkies.

Punjab Grill

Punjab Grill as the name says, it is an excellent place for Punjabi Food. This place has got the best branding, ambiance, and branding around it. The design of a menu, the interiors, dressing and behavior of the attendants are very good and the music makes you feel as if you have come to Punjab. The ambiance is posh, rich, elegant and not casual. Slightly overpriced, but yet food is awesome. The Staff here are very courteous and trained. This is one of the fine dining restaurants in Koramangala.

Barbeque Factory

Barbeque Factory is the best spot for food lovers. Food is delicious and has value for money, the quantity is great. The staff is very polite and the service is very quick. This is a place where you keep hogging the starters till your stomach explodes. They are popularly known for their best hospitality and the finest kebabs in the city. The menu here is an elaborate spread, starting from starters to soups and salads to entrees, it is a real eclectic mix of aromas, flavors, and cuisines (mainly drawn from Mediterranean, American, Oriental and Asian origin). The uniqueness of this restaurant is that it is an exclusive buffet restaurant where you can enjoy unlimited helpings of starters, main course, salads and desserts. So don’t miss this restaurant if you’re near to Koramangala.

Zheng (Blu Petal)

Zheng is a warm and cozy Chinese restaurant in the heart of Koramangala. The food is excellent. The dim sums deserve a special mention for their softness and taste. The music played goes well with the interiors, which are done up tastefully. The service is good and the staff is friendly. The menu has a pretty good collection of items from which to choose. Overall, a great place for a nice romantic dinner or evening out with family and friends.

By Prithviraj Singh Chauhan

Part time journalist, full-time observer. Editor-in-Chief at The Indian Wire. I cover updates related to business and startups.

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