steps in to augment efforts of American Gaming Association, adds responsible gaming content to its library to combat gambling harms

Time and again American Gaming Association (AGA) has made efforts to make people aware about responsible gaming. It has always prioritized health of citizens first. With same object, the AGA this week introduced its Responsible Marketing Code for Sports Wagering.

The Code was introduced to prevent people from going overboard with gambling. Gambling addiction is a serious problem in America and the regulators have always been keen on making the activity neat and clean with negligible room for problematic behaviour.

In furtherance of the same, online gambling giant has stepped up to augment the efforts of AGA in combating gambling harms. The company has added a section of ‘responsible gaming’ to its library and is willing to dedicate a separate pool of resources to encourage healthy gambling. Group CEO Charles Gillespie stated that, “As the online gambling market is established in America and continues to expand around the world, it is important to not lose focus on the social costs of the industry. We are committed to being leaders in responsible gambling and ensuring that a conservative approach is adopted by the industry at large to ensure the sustainability of what is a harmless recreational activity for most people… but unfortunately not for all”, reported CalvinAyre.

Notably, the company entered in USA in 2018 with its first shop in New Jersey and had already established its centres at Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Ireland etc.

The company has been at the centre of promoting safe and healthy gambling as a recreational activity since a long time and had also introduced Responsible Gambling Award in America.


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