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Illegal recruitment agencies found by MEA in Karnataka

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A list of illegal recruitment agencies has been found in Karnataka. The list names 13, these were discovered by the MEA and action has been sought against them. This news was revealed according to the NRI forum in Karnataka. These branches aren’t registered with the forum or the ministry.

Illegal Recruitment Agencies

These agencies attract gullible people and send them to other countries on tourist visas. But they will eventually settled down there and work. Despite action being sought against them, they are hard to shut down. In many cases, the workers don’t even land up the jobs they want. It leads to harassment in the countries where they are employed, causing much distress. They operate mostly in the districts of Belagavi, Mangaluru, Bengaluru, and Kalaburagi.


Minister Sushma Swaraj has also thought of setting up the ‘Videshi Bhawan’ in Karnataka. This would be the one stop shop for anyone meaning to go abroad, for whatever purpose. She also suggested setting up the Protector of Emigrants, in Bangalore which is currently in Chennai. This would mean a huge change for Bengaluru and make the process of getting visas, and one wouldn’t have to travel to Chennai to do so.

It’s not surprising that all these ideas are in talks months before the election. The problems with regard to emigration existed much before the Ministry found out about it, and if action can be taken quickly, there’s no harm. It has also been announced that the Non-Resident Kannadiga Card or the NRK card which has been in talks since 2017 will be issued in February, announced the Forum. This would be an ID card for those who are living in other countries. This will be launched by Siddaramaiah and the forum’s Deputy Chief Aarthi Krishna.  These cards will be linked to the banks and insurance companies too.

One must also realize the politics behind this, all the developments. All the progress seems to take place before the elections and rest of the time the people are the only ones concerned. But so long as there is change, one must look forward, despite the history that tells us something else entirely.

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