PIL in Allahabad High court to make jails less crowded to avoid COVID

Allahabad High Court
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Synopsis: The PIL filed by Man Mohan Mishra, a practising advocate at Allahabad High Court, seek to decongest the overly populated prisons in the light of rising Coronavirus cases.

In the case of decongestion of prisons in the state of Uttar Pradesh, a PIL was filed before the Allahabad High Court in the light of rising Coronavirus cases in the prisons.

The petition seeks guidance from the Department of Prison Administration, the Government of Uttar Pradesh and the High Powered Committee of Uttar Pradesh, in the light of the guidelines released by the Ministry of Home Affairs on 29.07.2020, to accept the release of prisoners above the age of 65 years or suffering from co-morbidities.

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The petitioner also prays for the High Court to take appropriate action to ensure that the anticipatory bail applications, parole applications, etc. are dispose of expeditiously before the Courts in the State of Uttar Pradesh so as to decongest the overly populated prisons.

Finally, a directive is sought to provide the state government with the proper status and communication of the prisoner to their concerned relatives.

The case was first taken up by a court on Thursday in which Justice Pritinker Diwakar and Justice Subhash Chandra Sharma, taking cognizance of the matter, released a notice to the State Government of Uttar Pradesh and demanded that its written reply be submitted in response to the appeal.

The court suggested that the rate of high occupancy in prisons is an invitation to the risk of vulnerability to widespread infection for Coronavirus , the rate of infection with coronavirus contagion has been steadily spreading in the country and there are no cogent medicines to counter the virus.

The PIL was filed by the Chamber of Senior Advocate Shri Dileep Kumar on behalf of petitioner Man Mohan Mishra who is a practising advocate at Allahabad High Court against parties – High Court Judicature at Allahabad through its Registrar General, State of Uttar Pradesh, Principal Secretary Prisons Administration and the High Powered Committee. The petitioner was represented by advocates Mr Rajrshi Gupta and Mr Vinayak Mithal.


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