PM Modi’s Gift to Cancer Patients Received Warmly by Nepalese Hospital

During his recent visit to Nepal, PM Narendra Modi gifted a Bhabhatron radioactive teletherapy device to the Bhaktapur Cancer Hospital in Kathmandu. This gift was given on behalf of all the Indians, wishing a speedy recovery for all the cancer patients awaiting therapy in the Himalayan nation.

The Bhaktapur Cancer Hospital, which received the gift of the Bhabhatron Cobalt-60, thanked Narendra Modi many times, detailing on how useful the machine has proven to be to the country. Ishwor Shrestha, director at Bhaktapur Cancer Hospital explained in detail about the benefits of having the Bhabhatron at their hospital. His statement was printed on the Himalayan Times, where thousands of citizens learned about the blessings of PM Modi’s gift. Shrestha explained that the Bhabhatron Cobalt therapy used gamma rays from the radioisotope Cobalt-60 to treat cancer patients. Radiotherapy, which plays an important part in curing cancer, did not exist in the Bhaktapur Hospital prior to Modi’s donation. After the Bhabhatron was added to the hospital equipment, Shrestha confirmed that timely treatment could finally be provided to all cancer patients in the region.

Ishwor highlighted the fact that the number of cancer patients in the hospital had been increasing at an alarming rate since the past few months, and the treatment process was usually long and grueling. However, with the introduction of the Bhabhatron Cobalt, the hospital could provide rapid treatment to needy patients in the area.


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