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Gandhi Jayanti is celebrated on October 2nd every year to mark the birthday of Mahatma Gandhi. On the special occasion of the 154th birth anniversary of Gandhi ji, let us revive his teaching that we must adopt in general life.

While these principles were deeply rooted in Gandhi’s fight for Indian independence, they are also valuable guides for leading a meaningful and ethical life in the modern world.

Gandhi’s Guide To Purposeful Life

Here are some of Gandhi Ji’s teachings that one can adopt for a purposeful and peaceful life.

1. Satya (Truth)

Baapu stressed the importance of truthfulness in all aspects of life. The great leader believed in speaking the truth even in difficult situations. Embracing honesty can lead to greater authenticity and trust in personal and professional relationships.

2. Sarvodaya (Simplicity)

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Gandhi advocated for a simple lifestyle, free from materialism and excess. Simplifying our lives can lead to greater contentment and reduce our impact on the environment.

3. Seva (Service to others)

Gandhi dedicated his life to serving others and believed that true happiness could be found in helping those in need. Volunteering and contributing to the welfare of society can bring meaning and fulfilment to our lives.

4. Swadeshi (Self-sufficiency)

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Baapu encouraged self-reliance and the support of local industries. Supporting local businesses and sustainable practices can contribute to economic and environmental well-being.

5. Abhayam (Fearlessness)

Gandhi believed that one should not be afraid to stand up for what is right. Facing challenges with courage and fearlessness can lead to personal growth and positive change.

6. Ahimsa (Non-violence)

Baapu’s most famous principle is nonviolence or Ahimsa. He believed in resolving conflicts and pursuing justice without resorting to physical violence. This principle emphasizes compassion and empathy, and it can be applied in our interactions with others in daily life.

7. Satyagraha (Soul force)

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Gandhi’s concept of Satyagraha is a nonviolent resistance that seeks to change the heart of the opponent through love and compassion. It encourages us to peacefully confront injustice and work towards positive change.

Gandhi Jayanti serves as a reminder of the enduring relevance of Mahatma Gandhi’s principles of truth, nonviolence, simplicity, and social justice in the contemporary world. The special day prompts us to adopt his teachings and their potential to bring positive change in society.

By Ocean Rana

Research Scholar/ Content Writer; Assistant Professor at SAGE University, Indore

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