13 leaders of Karnataka assembly sworn in as MLAs in presence of CM BS Yeddyurappa


Karnataka assembly legislature saw the oath swearing ceremony of newly elected parliamentarians on Sunday. According to the reports, 13 of the total 15 elected candidates were sworn in as MLAs on December 22.

Out of these leaders, 12 members belong to the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party. The oath ceremony took place in the presence of Karnataka Assembly speaker Vishweshwara Hegade Kageri.


List of newly inducted MLAs-

  1. Mahesh Eranagowda Kumatalli 
  2.  Shrimant Balasahab Patil 
  3.  Ramesh Lakshmana Rao 
  4.  Jallakuyar Rao 
  5.  Anand Singh 
  6.  Dr. K Sudhakar 
  7.  BA Basavaraja 
  8.  ST Somashekhar 
  9.  K Gopalya
  10.  Sharat Kumar Bachchegowda 
  11. MC Narayana Gowda  
  12. BA Basavaraja 
  13. ST Somashekhar

It was reported that various dignitaries of the state such as Karnataka Chief Minister BS Yeddyurappa, State’s revenue minister R Ashok, State’s home Minister Basavaraja Bommai, Primary and Secondary Education Minister S Suresh Kumar and Excise Minister H Nagesh.


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