Karnataka Cabinet Approves State Flag, Nod awaited from Centre

The state government in Karnataka has designed a red, white and yellow flag that was also approved by the Siddaramaiah government. However, the Centre is yet to decide on the permission for using it. In the flag is the state’s emblem, “Ganda Bherunda“, a two-headed mythical bird.

Two colors of the flag/Naada Dwaja are borrowed from the one already used, though unofficially. It finds use in functions like the state’s formation day.

What led to formation of a state flag?

The state ruling Congress has linked the flag to the Kannada pride. Mr Siddaramaiah had set up a panel to choose a flag design in July last year. He had also faced immense criticism for it.

He said, “It was decided to have a flag for the state as a symbol of the pride of Kannada-speaking people. It was the intention, opinion and voice of Kannadigas.”

The chief minister expressed confidence in Centre clearing the flag. He added, “There is nothing in the Constitution that says states should not have a flag.”

The Congress and the main opposition BJP had been in the ire regarding the flag issue. Opposition leaders have accused the government of playing divisive politics.

Keeping in mind the polls, the state government has pushed ahead a pro-Kannada agenda.

Senior Kannada writer and activist Chandrashekhara Patil said, “Today is a historical occasion for Kannadigas because the government has responded very positively to this demand from the people of Karnataka.”