‘National Women’s Party’ launched to ensure 50% Women Reservation

A ‘National Women’s’ Party’ was launched in New Delhi on Tuesday with an aim of ensuring 50 percent reservation to Lok Sabha and other places.

Announcing the launch of the party, Party’s President Shweta Shetty said, ‘In a male-dominated political system, an all National Women Party is important, Issues pertaining to Women are only raised during the Women’s’ Day or just before the polls. National Women Party (NWP) will provide a platform for Women to rise their issues.

Working on the grounds since 2012, the party has a sole aim to ensure 50 percent reservation for women in a run-up to the General Elections 2019.

Shetty also said that they have applied for the registration of the party with Election Commission. With No bag names behind it, Party President claims to have a support of over 1.45 lakh women of Hyderabad based Telangana Mahila Samithi. She added, ‘We won’t be quiet until we see the women are representing equally in the Parliament.

“Even in 2018, women rights are avoided. I invite all the women, who feel the party can be a platform to improve the condition of women in present time, to join it,” Shetty said.

A Doctor by Profession, Shetty also heads an NGO  in Telangana where she realized the acute need of becoming a part of a system in a bid to Change it.

Shetty said ‘Party will contest the Upcoming Lok Sabha Elections 2019 and will seek support from like-minded parties. Those men who subscribe to our ideology can also join the party’


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