Shashi Tharoor calls for more autonomy to the Northeast

By TED ( [CC BY-SA 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons
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During the launch of Avalok Langer’s book, ‘In Pursuit of Conflict’, Shashi Tharoor spoke about the autonomy in the northeast. He said it wouldn’t do to adopt a one-size-fits-all approach to regions that have different problems.

He also spoke about support to amend the Armed Forces Act. Even within the states in the northeast the problems and dilemmas vary. “I have a clear point of view for as much autonomy for the local people,” he said. It’s no secret that politically the northeast has been ignored and still is.

Tharoor said, “Increasingly we’re going to have to have a decentralised democracy. More areas that are distant from Delhi , to the north, northeast or south are going to feel that it’s not possible for them to have every decision having being taken in Delhi. I think its rather important that we start defining the contours of autonomy and giving the details a substantive meaning.”

Shashi Tharoor also recently spoke up against the BJP’s refusal to allow a no-confidence motion. The refusal came despite 50 MPs standing up. The Speaker alleged that the House was not in order, therefore a no-confidence motion couldn’t be passed.

Tharoor believes that BJP has nothing to fear considering they have the majority in the Lok Sabha. The number of MPs in support of the motion crossed the 50 MP mark as well. According to Tharoor the BJP was running away instead of facing issues. He also alleged that PM Modi was running a one-man show.