Justice RM Lodha not satisfied as BCCI rejects all major reforms

Justice RM Lodha
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Justice RM Lodha, the person who played the main role behind the Lodha recommendation committee is a bit surprised on how the BCCI members have manipulated his recommendations and have thrown out the major reforms from that. Disappointed from BCCI, RM Lodha on Wednesday told TOI, “I am shocked to see that the BCCI has rejected all the major reforms again. The heart, kidney, lungs are being taken out if these reforms. It’s a comprehensive report prepared by the committee and by removing the vital organs, nothing remains in the suggested reforms. I don’t know what is happening.”

He added, “What is the point in deliberating when the verdict is already given by the Supreme Court? I don’t understand where is the possibility of changing the recommendations when all the review petitions have been rejected.”

For now, Lodha believes the apex court and said that the court will perhaps take a call on the issue as the main purpose of Lodha Committee was to prepare those recommendations for reforms and it has no power to force the BCCI to implement them. He said, “If the BCCI rejects reforms like the powers of the executives and the size of the apex council, it means BCCI is not interested in implementing the reforms at all. I am sure the honourable Supreme Court will take a look at it very soon.”