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5 Reasons to Use Gantt Chart Excel for Project Management

Managing big projects at times, becomes a tedious task for any organisation. Sometimes the team is so huge or data is so large that it becomes difficult to present data in a clear and concise manner.

One of the tools to deal with such occurrence is a Gantt chart. Gantt chart is a pictorial method of representation of data, that helps in managing and providing clarity to any project.

To make a Gantt chart, first you have to group and list all the things which are required for the project. Once the listing is done, now you should group these tasks under specific high-level headings, which is easier to comprehend by the team.

One of the most important things to remember while creating a Gantt Chart is that, the tasks listed in the chart should be very concise and specific. Also, you can create an another detailed version of this chart which can be kept by the project Manager. You can Download Gantt chart excel to plan your projects better.

Here we are listing five reasons why you should use Gantt Chart Excel for Project Management.

1. To bring clarity to the project

Clarity is a very fundamental need for any project and Gantt Chart does just that. This chart groups various dimensions of tasks and timelines under a single document.

This helps in managing the project and also is a quick way for the team to grasp necessary elements.

2. Time saving tool

There could be several reasons for any project to get delayed, which eventually results in an in-effective organisation functioning.

In case of Gantt graph, it is regarded as one of the best tool which helps create an engaging environment and at the same time saves time.

Since the information is grouped under high-level and clear headings, it becomes much easier for the project members to grasp information and work effectively.

3. An effective communication tool

One of the things that hinders any project growth is un-necessary meeting and status updates. Most of the meetings involve repeated stuff which is totally unproductive.

Gantt charts are an effective method to replace these meeting and hence increase productivity by building a creative environment.

Simple and concise charts offer a clear visual method for team to track their progress.

4. Flexibility

Gantt charts are known, by project managers, as a tool to sequence events and hence reduce overburdening members of the project.

Project managers use Gantt charts as a flexible tool, which helps them in breaking down the project and presenting it in such a visual form, which is easily understood by the team.

5. Easy to manage

If you are a project manager, you are always looking for tools which can help you manage your project better and hence reduce some burden.

Gantt charts allow you to externalize your assignments by issuing new charts for specific dimension.

This helps the manager in making focused and effective decisions.



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