Huawei, one of the largest manufacturers of smartphones and communication tools, has announced the appointment of James Wu as president of South East Asia region. James will take over his post and responsibilities shortly.

Under this position, James Wu will be responsible for company’s activities in South Eastern Asia. These responsibilities include developing new businesses, form new partnerships and decide the strategy in the concerned market.

In his statement after being given the responsibility, James We stated that the team will progress towards a more connected and intelligent world. He also added that the technology world has given ample opportunities and it is hard to imagine them in advance.

James Wu had joined Huawei in 2003 and since then, he has been responsible for holding important portfolios within the company. Under the new position, James will also oversee company’s management, guiding its strategic direction, leading its business development and customers’ relations to drive wider adoption of the Huawei’s technology innovations.