Lenovo K8 Note vs Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 : Best phone below 15000?

5.5-inch screen with 1080p screen is a sweet spot for any smartphone enthusiast. These two devices have something in common and some things completely different. Let’s have a look at these devices to finalise, which one will match your taste.

Design and ergonomics: Ergonomically, both device offers similar design philosophy. However, there are few changes that make it make or break. Both devices feature full metal unibody design and from a distance, these devices look exactly similar other the camera bump. The Redmi Note 4 offers simple design tone, the device has three individual capacitive navigations keys (backlit), with micro USB port, speaker and mic on the bottom corner. The 3.5 mm headphone jack and infrared port are located on the top. On the other hand, Lenovo K8 Note doesn’t have any infrared port, instead, it offers most sophisticated dual camera module, which is missing in the Note 4. The device has separate slots for SIM and SD card (Hybrid solution in Note 4). The device also has a dedicated physical music button, that can be programmed for other tasks as well. The device also offers front facing flash for the selfie enthusiasts.

Result: Considering the fact that, Note 4 being a 9 months old device is a true showpiece for the design language for the phones that launched after that. According to the design, this will be a tie between these two devices.

Camera performances: Lenovo K8 note is a camera specific smartphone which is the first dual camera affordable smartphone from the company. Whether it’s performance based or on paper, Note 8’s cameras easy kill the competition (Note 4). The camera can take photos with the varied depth of field and even the normal photos come out great. The front facing 13 MP camera with front facing camera is something that is missing in the Note 4. The Redmi Note 4 offers 13 MP rear-facing camera with PDAF and 1080p video recording capability, the camera does perform better than its predecessor (Redmi Note 3) but doesn’t offer exceptional results. The 5 MP front-facing camera with beauty mode is also below average. 

Result: The Lenovo K8 camera beats Redmi Note 4 by a huge margin. So, if the camera is your main concern then get Lenovo K8 Note.

Performance: The Redmi Note 4 is powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 615 Octa-core processor based on Arm A53 architecture. The Lenovo K8 note is powered by MediaTek Helio X23 Deca-core with higher 2.3 GHz clock speed. On the paper, the K8 note’s Helio X23 looks like a direct winner. Even in the benchmarking apps, the Note 8 scores better score. When it comes to the day to day uses, both perform without any trouble. However, when it comes to the high-end games like Asphalt 8 and mortal combat, the K8 Note has loaded the game faster than the Note 4, but it has a lot of frame drop issues (due to poor optimisation on the Helio X23 SoC). The same games perform better in the Note 4, even though the device has underpowered SoC compared to Note 8.

Winner: Redmi Note 4 and Lenovo K8 Note offer similar performance result if you do not notice the minor differences. However, due to highly optimised Adreno 510, GPU Redmi 4 has a slight edge. Some optimised apps does perform better on the k8 (only a handful).

Operating system: Lenovo’s decision to ditch their own Vibe UI is a good call, as it makes a lot easier to push Android updates time to time. The Redmi Note 4 with its most unique MiUi does offer a lot of tricks that stock android doesn’t have. Stock Android on K8 Note is fluid, fast and smooth, even the MiUi users say the same about its interface. Finally, it all comes to the individual user. Both devices are running based on the Android Nougat and expected to receive Android Oreo in the near future.

Battery: Lenovo K8 note is equipped with the 4000 mAh non-user accessible battery with 15W fast charging capability. The Redmi Note 4 has slightly bigger 4100 mAh battery with 10W fast charging capability. The Lenovo K8 lasts for a complete day of heavy use and 1 and a half day on moderate usage. The Redmi Note 4 can last for more than 1.5 days with heavy usage and 2 complete days on moderate usage. The SD 625 built on 14 nm FitFET technology is the main reason for the unprecedented battery performance of Note 4.

Result: Want a longer lasting battery, then go with the Redmi Note 4 with the two eyes closed.