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WWDC 2018 : Top announcements made by Apple at annual keynote event

WWDC stands for Worldwide Developers Conference. This event is held annually by Apple Inc. in California. From 2003 to 2016 it was held in San Francisco, now primarily it is held in san Jose but also in Silicon Valley. This event is used as a showcase by Apple to show its new software and technologies for software developers.

This event is much important as the attendees can participate in hands-on labs with Apple engineers, and in-depth sessions covering a wide variety of topics.

Here are the top announcements from WWDC 2018

iOS 12

At WWDC 2018 the company announced ios 12. This is next version of the iOS 11 that means all the phones which support ios 11 will also support iOS 12. The oldest iPhone that it will work on, is iPhone 5S and the oldest it will support is iPad air 2. Apple put focus on speed and performance of iOS 12 so even iPhone 5S is going to have a performance boost.

The iPhone 6S running iOS 12 can launch apps 40% faster, can bring up keyboard 50% faster and can take photo 70% faster when the screen is locked when compared to the same iphone6S running iOS 11.

When more power is needed the CPU goes high and goes low when less power is needed in order to save the battery energy.
The first public beta iOS 12 will be available after this month while the full version may release in September.

Before a few weeks Google introduced its digital wellness initiative to combat the phone addiction, Apple introduced its own suite of features to combat the iPhone addiction. This new feature is called “instant tuning” which lets you customize your notifications, batch them and turn off them further on the lock screen. DND mode starts during bedtime, puts the phone on silence and hide all notifications.


Apple announces that animoji is getting a new update. The new update will come with some new features like toungue detection, new characters and creating your own emoji which looks like you and apple named it as “memoji”.

Here you can build your own virtual version. You can customize it from the ground, picking up things like skin color, hairstyle and different accessories like glasses and earrings. Memoji can be saved to use in messages like animoji or can be overlaid to your face while taking a photo to create your cartoon version.

Ghost, koala and T-rex have been added to the new animoji update. Now you can express yourself with animoji with new tongue detection feature.


At WWDC 2018, Apple announces some significant updates for their voice assistant i.e Siri.

Apple announces that now Siri will provide suggestions for app actions you may want to do based on your location or time of day.
Now Siri can perform some intelligent task like if you have saved someone’s birthday in your calendar then it will suggest you to call that person or it can remind you to turn off the notifications when you are at the cinema.

Apple tries to improve Siri in different ways, now for the first time Siri will be able to create routines for you, so when you start a journey it will send a message to your friends and family.
Now you can record and assign your own phrases. Once Siri hears those phrase it will perform certain series of action.

MacOS Majove

Apple’s latest operating system for Macs is on the way. At WWDC 2018 company announces for next version of Macos named as macos Majove. The new MacOS contains a lot of new features.

Dark mode is introduced, which helps you to use the software at night to reduce stress on your eyes. Now desktop stack feature will organize all clutter present on your desktop. It brings similar files together like documents, PDFs etc.

In keynote app, you can select a photo from your phone and it instantly appears where it needs to be in the slideshow. The mac app store is getting a new design which focus on editorial picks and discovery.

Watch OS 5

Watch OS 4 an operationg system for apple’s popular smartwatch is getting an update in form of watch os 5. Watch os 5 health and fitness feature will let you challenge your friends for compition for 7 days in row.’the new automatic workout tracking feature will make you to track activity when it detects that you might be working out.

A new feature similar to walkie talkie is introduced. You can use it by pressing the button on the side and say what you want to say, the person on the other side will hear it and then respond to it. The siri watch face is now enhanced with sports, maps and heartrate information.

Now you can watch certain webapges on watch with the help of webkit.

Apple tvOS 12

At wwdc apple announces for the tvOS 12. Now the latest tvOS will support the Dolby Atoms surround sound technology in apple tv 4k.

iTunes will automatically update compatible movies with dolby atoms support for free. With this update, apple becomes the only streaming box which supports both 4k and dolby atoms. Apple announces that cable company Charter communication will begin offering the apple tv 4k to its customers and they will have access to live channels and a number of the on-demand program with the help of new spectrum TV app on tvOS.

tvOS 12 will launch for all users as a free software update for free for all the users of 4th generation apple tv and apple tv4k. the apple tv will detect the user’s broadband network and automatically signs them in all supported apps.

Arkit 2.0

Apple’s arkit is also getting an update for its next generation, arkit 2.0. Apple improves the face tracking, 3D object detection and realistic rendering in arkit 2.0.

It also introduces multi-player mode for the ar games. Another mode is also introduced which allows virtual objects to be placed in an area and remain in place.

The multi-player mode will allow more than one people to share data to see the same object and pay the same game within a virtual environment.

Apple stated that it has teamed up with pixer to create a new ar format called usdz, so objects in ar can be experienced within the apple ecosystem.

A new app is also introduced by the apple which they called it measure. This app allows you to measure lines across the surface. This app can also detect some shapes like rectangles.

Updated Photos app

Apple takes the support of machine learning to improve their photos app. A new update is coming to photos app which will use machine learning capabilities on iphone to let the users to search the pictures, access them and share them easily.

The new update will now improve the discovery of photos when a user searches for the pictures from different categories. Google has already introduced artificial intelligence and machine learning to google photos to manage the pictures.

A new feature is also introduced by the apple to the photos. A “for-you” tab has been given which gathers your all favorite pictures in one place, combine them and put them on the icloud shared album.

A new sharing suggestion feature is also introduced which helps you to share the pictures of the commonplace or trip with your friends.

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