Twitter launches new features including night mode, real time updates for replies


Social media platform Twitter announced a number of new features for its users. These new features were announced for its native web version and its Windows app. The announcement about the new features was made by the company through its official Twitter account. According to the tweets, the company is adding Night Mode, Real-time updates to the reply. The company is also adding some features for retweet and some counters on the tweets. The new updates will also provide users with an updated compose box for a new tweet.

More about these new updates for Twitter:

This move is seen by many users to have its effect on a surface. As these features are something that users will expect from any app from a major social media players. However, these new features will be a big deal for those Twitter users who don’t want to use the full version of the app. These features will also be mainly help those users who are only comfortable using other official alternatives provided by Twitter in place of its main app. The other main reason will be that now users may be increasingly pushed to use its main mobile app. Users may also be pushed to use its other alternatives like the web version, its Lite app or the Windows app.

The main reasons behind this push is likely the new developer tools and APIs. Since as the company is pushing all its third-party developers these new developer tools. This move is likely to break some features in the third party Twitter app of user’s choice.


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