Hong Kong International airport resumes flights in midst of protest shutdown

Hong Kong, August 13: Hong Kong’s international airport attempted to revive on Tuesday with in excess of 300 flights dropped, a day after a mass protest – against a controversial extradition bill, brought the air transport center to a halt.

The city’s chief Carrie Lam criticized the shows saying “lawbreaking activities in the name of freedom” were harming the standard of law, and that the Asian money related center’s recuperation from anti-government challenges could take quite a while.

On Tuesday morning, stranded travelers were seen arranging to get their deferred flights, as air terminal specialists declared that it will actualize rescheduling while at the same time censuring demonstrators for the interruption at one of the world’s busiest airplane terminals, Al-Jazeera reported.

The flight status board showed various flights listed as “boarding soon” with new take-off timings.

Nonetheless, the South China Morning Post revealed that upwards of 160 outbound and 150 inbound flights were at that point dropped for the remainder of the day on Tuesday.

All flights in and out of the Hong Kong international airport has been suspended by the city’s authorities on Monday due to the pro-democracy sit-in protest at its terminal against a controversial extradition bill that would allow suspects in the territory to be sent to mainland China for court prosecution.

The United States has on last Thursday cautioned its residents to “exercise increased caution” when venturing out to Hong Kong, as protesters declared three days of new mass demonstrations at the territory’s airport.

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