Pakistan Parliament blocks bill to allow non-muslims to become PM, President

The Pakistan’s National Assembly has rejected a bill which would allow non-muslims to become a prime minister and president. Pakistan, an Islamic Republic has provisions in the constitution which only allow Muslims not less than forty-five years of age to become the Prime Minister.

Pakistan has been pushed to the corner regarding their treatment of the minorities in the country. In the Assembly, Dr Naveed Aamir Jeeva, a Christian Member of the National Assembly belonging to the Peoples party of Pakistan had attempted to move a bill to amend articles 41 and 91 of the Pakistan Constitution to allow non-muslim members of Pakistan to hold the office of Prime Minister and President of the country.

According to an article by News 18, in its opposition, the Minister of State for Parliamentary Affairs, Ali Muhammad Khan had rejected the legislature saying that Pakistan is an Islamic Republic where only a Muslim could become the Prime Minister and President.

Also, the minister maintained that the minorities in the country enjoy complete freedom and their rights are being protected by the government. Pakistan has been called out for its violations of the rights of the minorities in the country.

The move was rejected by the National Assembly. The right-wing party, Jamat-e-Islami MNA Maulana Abdul Akbar Chitrali had appreciated the move being rejected. According to an article in Rabwah Times, the MNA said that no law should be passed which is against Islamic values and teachings or even debated in the National Assembly.



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