Machine learning and AI to disrupt all careers : John Roese

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John Roese, CTO of Dell Technologies, has predicted that Machine learning and AI cause the biggest disruption to most careers. Roese made this bold statement in the Dell world technologies keynote. Leading businesses are using AI to deliver services with less cost by terminating the cost of manual labor. For example, Google improved its cooling system after learning AI knowledge after they acquired DeepMind, It saved the company hundreds of millions of dollars.

Roese described 3 ways by which AI can changes businesses:

  1. AI enabled user experiences: Many companies are trying to use human interaction interfaces such as voice to technology. This requires skills such as natural language processing, visual sensing, and predictive analysis.
  2. AI-driven systems business processes: AI can enable a company to deliver frictionless insight by coordinating data from different sources, this requires a new toolset to help reimage business processes by embedding analytics and intelligence into a process.
  3. AI optimized infrastructure: AI can help a business make sense of data and optimize the performance and uptime of the equipment, with the help of a connected enabled infrastructure.

AI improves helps businesses improve existing business with advanced analytics, as it is a part f the new digital transformation toolkit. The next evolution of a corporation’s analytic’s journey is machine learning and deep learning. We can move beyond data dashboards to actionable insights that can help a wide variety of roles, by marrying vast compute with advanced mathematical models.

AI, Machine learning needs new products, which can analyze structured and unstructured data rapidly. PowerEdge R94oxa improved application performance by combining 4 CPUs with 4 graphics processing units and delivered low-latency with direct attached non-volatile memory express drives.

Dell-EMX announced its next-generation PowerMax storage solutions, where a single PowerMax system analyses and forecasts 40 million data sets, driving 6 million decisions per day. PowerMax’s intelligent self-management capabilities help organizations to re-focus on IT resources and personnel.

AI, Machine learning needs new ways to think about work by creating efficiencies in existing business processes. Companies mostly require AI to perform tasks that were difficult or impossible to be done.

Roese and Dell are accurate in their assessment of how AI will impact the jobs and overall business processes. AI algorithms based on machine learning provide the opportunity to eliminate undesirable, repetitive aspects of an individual’s job, which helps an employee to focus on higher value, more complex activities. To succeed in an AI world businesses need more than new technology.

Companies must focus on re-training the work-force and designing ethical uses of AI.


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