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Alexa to begin re-thinking what clients want

Amazon’s voice assistant, Alexa is making a stride nearer towards normal discussion by attempting to think about what clients may

Apple's M1 processor launch for its mac products
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All new M1 processor : Apple claims it to be the fastest processor across the world

At its One More Thing function, Macintosh reported another processor that resolve its Macintosh scope of PCs. Called M1, the

Elon Musk and Neuralink
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Neuralink’s Brain-Computer symbiosis: Key to the future?

If you have been on the internet and are interested in technology. You might know that most of our research

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Genpact hails banks for using Artificial Intelligence, others see it as threat

Almost all commercial banks internationally are using artificial intelligence (AI), according to new research conducted by Genpact in collaboration with

Nvidia converts 2D image into 3D
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Nvidia creates an AI that is able to convert 2D images into 3D

Nvidia is known for creating GPU’s for computers and their research in supercomputing. The four major sectors of research for

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Snap Chat introduces “Face App” Lens to let you swing to future

This year, Face App filter was in news. For both good and bad reasons. FAce App had a filter that

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Google to teach pronunciations of tricky words

Google search engine is used to search everything, everywhere. It is the most popular search engine. It can translate words

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Google’s ML Kit for developers now has Smart Reply API and other features

Google has now introduced new natural language processing services for its ML(Machine Learning) kit. ML Kit brings Google’s machine learning

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Intel working with Facebook to design its AI Deep Learning Xeon processor

Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning are making their way to almost every section of the tech industry. Major tech giants

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Artificial Intelligence can now predict premature death

Researchers from the University of Nottingham clam that Artifical Intelligence can now precisely predict when patients with chronic diseases will