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Simplify your HR process and know ESS features

In your company, if you have control over work attendance, it will allow you to avoid unauthorized access to the offices. Moreover, it will also allow free movement of staff as well as easy control of the entry and exit times of employees. It is an example of the digital transformation of companies so that technology is used to improve the processes and control of the company.

One of the objectives of online attendance management system is to work as an additional security system. The systems of control of labor assistance improve the performance of the company immensely since integrating this access control system with the rest of security systems will allow you to control the security of your company effectively.

An online attendance management system will allow you to configure what access rights employees have. Creating groups even with specific time bands is possible. Attendance control is a potent tool for the company, which will allow you to account for time worked, overtime, vacations, holidays and better management of the remunerations of employees.

Depending on the requirements of your company, you can choose the technology that best suits you and improves your efficiency. Online attendance management systems are classified according to the identification method used. 

Here is the most common online attendance management system equipment:

Fingerprint readers

It is a type of biometric assistance control system. Its use is widespread in the form of access control to open the doors of the facilities. Its primary function is security because it can store the information of people, control their arrival time and their departures. It also allows to control access to restricted places and can even be used to control banking transactions that employees have to perform on behalf of the company.

It is the most common system for employees to sign in to the company. On many occasions, this system also has a fingerprint reader or a card reader. This attendance control system is the most widespread, so it is essential that you know the advantages of having a transfer clock in your company.

Biometric controls of personnel

Biometric controls are those in which people’s traits are used for their identification. For example, the fingerprint, the retina, the iris or facial patterns. They are used as assistance controls, but also as an additional security system, in case of having to restrict access to groups of people. Find the ideal biometric control system for your company taking into account the particular characteristics of it, and the security needs.

ESS portal

It allows all the employees to login to their portal and correct information related to their leaves, payroll, attendance and other personal information. This reduces the scope for error and improves the efficiency. 

To sum up, an ESS portal can be hugely beneficial for your company. It can help you improve the overall efficiency as well as track all the details of your employees. Once an online attendance management system is in place, based on the requirements of your company, you can be assured that all the other operations will be streamlined. It will help you keep track of all the activities happening in your company!

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