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Work culture has undergone a rapid change over the last two years. While in the U.S, people are resigning from their jobs, the workforce in India is optimistic about the future of work.

LinkedIn, an online professional site, in its latest research report said that 82% of the participants in their survey have expressed their intention to change their jobs in 2022, what one can call ‘the great reshuffle’.

Furthermore, as they look for new job opportunities in the new year, 86 percent of professionals in India are confident in the strength of their professional networks. They also believe that in 2022, their employment responsibilities, professions, and job availability are going to be better.

The report comes at a time when India is facing the third wave of the Covid 19 virus. In the first two waves, unemployment and retrenchments were at their peak. In the latest monthly data by the Centre for Monitoring Indian Economy (CMIE, India’s unemployment rate has crawled up to nearly 8 percent in December, the four-month high, with urban unemployment rate inching towards 10%, but the report reflects another story; perhaps a year of Optimism!

According to the report, freshers with up to 1 year of work experience (94%) and Gen Z professionals (87%), are leading the Great Shuffle drivein the country, as they are more inclined to change jobs in 2022.

the great reshuffle


What is this term- The Great Reshuffle?

Workers around the world in many instances are not exiting the workforce, but they are reconfiguring their careers. It means, they are not going out of the loop of emplyment, but finding other better suitable career prospects. They are leveraging the current hiring crisis to secure better job positions.

These professionals prefer both flexibility and fulfilment. In April 2021, according to LinkedIn’s data, worldwide two-thirds of the workforce have either quit their jobs or pondered upon leaving it.

“The pandemic has spurred people to rethink their careers and look for new job opportunities to meet their renewed purpose and priorities in life. As confidence in new opportunities grows, it is evident that the Great Reshuffle in India is clearly being led by job seekers, and talent is in the driver’s seat right now — with flexibility as their no. 1 priority today,” said Ankit Vengurlekar, India Managing Editor, LinkedIn News.

Vengurlekar further said that “our Jobs on the Rise list shows that the demand for tech-savvy talent is growing hotter across the IT, healthcare, and business development sectors”.

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Key Findings Of LinkedIn Survey:

LinkedIn’s new job-seeker research report is the outcome of the responses recorded by 1,111 professionals in India. 

Based on the responses, the survey concluded that 30% of the people plan to leave their current jobs due to poor work-life balance, 28% are not satisfied with their current compensation, and 23% of them are looking for greater career ambitions.

The professionals who are hunting for new jobs prioritize flexible working arrangements on top.

Professionals are hopeful about the future of work, but seven in 10 people seem to be going through self-doubts. LinkedIn’s research revealed that 45% of the respondents were satisfied with their current job roles, 45% were okay with their careers, and 38% of the surveyed people sought better job opportunities in 2022.

In addition, the report jots down the other factors that can convince a professional to continue to stay with their current employer in 2022: Improved work-life balance, a little dose of appreciation and most importantly– better SALARY! 

The findings of the report also reflect the perception of men and women on how they are paid by their current employers today. 

According to the survey, 37% of the working women are likely to quit their current job owing to poor work-life balance, compared to 28% of working men. 

Additionally, about 48% of women have no issues staying with their current employer if they get better pay, compared to 39% working men.

Trending Jobs In India

To help Indians seek what jobs are trending in the Indian market, LinkedIn has launched the second edition of the annual ‘Jobs on the Rise 2022 India list’. 

LinkedIn used its platform data to find the job titles with the fastest growth rates from January 2017 to July 2021, to compile this year’s rankings.

The list highlights an increasing demand for highly trained IT employees (Site Reliability Engineer, Data Science Specialist, Machine Learning Engineer) and business development skills in 2022, as organizations aim to expand their digital presence (Affiliate Marketing Specialist, Business Development Representative, Strategy Associate).

The report also stated that the healthcare industry is eager to hire Wellness Specialists and Molecular Biologists who can assist companies and communities prepare for the COVID-19 pandemic by filling openings for Wellness Specialists and Molecular Biologists.

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