Queen’s University, UK to consider JEE score for its campus admission

Queen's University, UK campus

Queen’s University Belfast, one of the well recognized universities in United Kingdom has introduced a 5-year plan for the Indian students to study in there campus. The University has announced that JEE scores of the students will be accepted as an entry criteria for Science and Technology programmes in their campus.

As part of the 5-year engagement plan, the University will be offering several partnerships with Indian institutions and outreach programmes for Indian students.

“We have recognized that a lot of Indian students want to join IITs but the seats are quite limited. In order to admit the high-quality students in our university, we have incorporated JEE score as part of our entry criteria for science and technology programmes,” says Ian Greer, President and Vice-Chancellor of Queen’s University Belfast.

According to Greer, Indian students are intellectually sharp, hard-working and committed. Their language skills helps them participate in constructive dialogues.

Queen’s University wants a good bunch of Indian students to join their University so is the reason the University members have approached a 5-year engagement programme not only to enhance their university’s good student reach but also to let Indian students get aware about more other good UK universities apart from just the traditional ones.

The University will also be offering scholarship to the Indian students, who are likely to pursue undergraduate science and technology courses from Queen’s University worth euro 7500. The university has for now set its criteria to provide 50 scholarships.

“We have been lobbying with the regional and national government for easy study and visa rules for foreign students, as we along with all the other universities in the UK, value the importance of having international students on campus,” adds Greer.

Queen’s University Belfast

The university offers as many as 300 degree courses at various levels and across a broad subject range in its campuses. Other than UK, the University has branches in China, India and USA.

Queen’s is a member of the Russell Group of leading research intensive universities and is associated with two Nobel laureates and one Turing Award Laureate.




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