UGC confirms final-year exams in September despite opposition

The University Grants Commission (UGC) directed the universities and other institutes to conduct the final-year exams by the end of September. This has been issued as per the Revised Guidelines of July 6, 2020. This offers “sufficient flexibility” and is intended “to protect the academic future of students”.

In an affidavit filed in the Supreme Court, the UGC referred to its July 6 guidelines and said they “adequately account for the evolving situation of the Covid-19 pandemic because they

(a) provide sufficient time till the end of September 2020 to conduct the final year/ terminal semester examinations after following the prescribed protocols and procedures relating to Covid-19;

(b) give sufficient flexibility to Universities/ institutions to conduct such examinations in online, offline (pen and paper) or blended (online + offline) mode;

(c) provide for an examination through special chance for students who for whatsoever the reason(s) may be are unable to appear for the examinations…”

Further, the UGC said that the guidelines “have to be adopted and applied by all Universities/ institutions in the country (including State Universities)”.

The council also opposed the decision taken by certain state governments which cancelled the exams due to coronavirus pandemic. The decision taken by the state is in contrary to the revised guidelines. The council also stated that this would cause a damage to the student’s life. Also, the state is afraid of the risk involved (safety and health) in gathering the students for the examination.

The council reported that the MHA has also permitted to conduct the exams as it affects the standards of higher education in the country.

Article insights

  • UGC proposes to conduct the final-year exams by end of September.
  • This decision is taken “to protect the academic future of students”.
  • Proper necessary steps will be taken before conducting the exam.
  • Adequate flexibility is given which can be referred in the points a), b), c) in the above article.
  • MHA too permitted to conduct the exam.


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