Amit Bhadana’s “Adosi Family Vs Padosi Family” creates stir on YouTube; #1 on trending with 6.4M views

Amit Bhadana’s recent video “Adosi Family Vs Padosi Family” garnered a massive response on YouTube. The video came out on July 29, 2019, and was #1 on the trending list in a couple of hours. The video has now crossed 6.4M views in less than 2 days.

The 28 minutes long video features the different situations at our place and in our neighbor’s home, and how the reactions given by the parents are totally in contrast to each other. The video does end with a great message towards the end and will fill everyone up with pride. The fact that money is not everything and it can’t buy everything, is something that people need to hear. Respect cannot be earned by money and everyone should learn to be kind and respectful. The video is hilarious and will make you say Oh, Same!  That’s how relatable it is.

Read our previous post as to what we think of the video below.

Back With A Bang! ‘Adosi Family Vs Padosi Family’ on YouTube by Amit Bhadana will beam you up with pride

Watch the video if you haven’t seen it already, or check it out on YouTube.


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