Appraisal Of The Year (Student Of The Year Parody) : FilterCopy’s new youtube video recreates movie in a realistic environment

FilterCopy posted a new video on their youtube channel and as always they don’t fail to amaze us. The video was posted 40 minutes ago and already has 36k views. The video “Appraisal Of The Year (Student Of The Year Parody) is a hoot.

The video will remind you some epic scenes from Student Of The Year movie but in a more realistic setting and environment, the one that most of you are currently in and the one that most of you will go to, that is your professional life.

Just like in the movie, everybody is seen competing for Appraisal Of The Year and have to perform various tasks. However, the tasks here are different from those in the movie. The first round is to see who will be a better sycophant? Aila, Chota Dhawan, and Sidhard try their best to be sycophants, lending the lighter, laughing on boss’ lame jokes and giving him lift. The background music is the same and you might want to sing it again but the lyrics are totally new.

The famous fight scene from Student Of The Year movie is also recreated but here Chota Dhawan and Sidhard fight about whose ‘appraisal form will Aila fill’? Aila just like Alia gets all emotional and leaves the place.

The winner gets decided on the basis of the final round that is who spread the best gossip in the office will win the appraisal of the year.

Watch the video below to see who wins the Appraisal Of The Year.


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