Coronavirus revives Drive-in theatres in US

Drive-in theatres were in vogue in USA before the advent of new technology and changes it brought in movie watching. The advent of color television, VCRs, cable tv, multiplexes and finally streaming platforms sent their existence into oblivion. Though they have survived but never reached the same height of popularity they enjoyed during the 1960s.

Now, the Coronavirus has come in the form of blessing in disguise for them. A significant number of people are opting for drive-in theatres currently as social distancing becomes a necessity. The drive-in theatre owners are ecstatic as more and more number of people are coming ever since the economy started opening up from May 15.

A drive in theatre owner, Beth Wilson reported that his drive-in has been sold out since May 15. He owns the Warwick Drive-in, about an hours drive from Manhattan. She further said “Customers come just to be out and for some form of entertainment that is not streaming on their TV, adding she hopes the Warwick Drive-In can help people reconnect. I just want to see their happiness, their well-being.”

Disgruntled because of staying at home, people are finding drive-in theatres as a form of relief and a change from the monotony of life brought in by the pandemic. They find it to be a better form of entertainment during this pandemic as it helps in maintaining social distancing.

The drive-in theatres are incorporating more measures to increase the safety of people. In Amenia, New York The Four Brothers Drive-in has reduced its capacity to half to facilitate maintenance of more distance between cars. The owner of the theatre John Stefanopoulos is happy to see the response of the public.

Many people are seeing this is as a ray of light in this dark time. Looks like the old era is slowly coming back.


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