How ‘Bridge’ is a character in Saawariya

Saawariya, in terms of richness in visual storytelling is just like every other Sanjay Leela Bhansali film and the accuracy it maintains in trying to paint a portrait of loneliness and longing could not have been possible without ‘The Bridge’ which is the soul of the story. A bridge which marks it’s importance in Sakina’s (Sonam Kapoor) story as it was on this bridge where she parted ways with Imaan (Salman Khan), the only love of her life and it is the only thing which can represents her longing and solitude.

Her long time wait in the late nights, everything has been witnessed by this bridge which has been crafted as an important character in the film. It being the only place where Sakina hopes for Imaan’s return.

A scene from Saawariya

Coming to Raj (Ranbir Kapoor) and Sakina’s story, the bridge is where Raj meets Sakina for the first time, sobbing within inside, she is hiding her feelings from the world which is now being disclosed. From the beginning of a new chapter to the changes we further see, it’s everything this bridge acts upon. Sakina decides to write a letter, hoping for Imaan’s return.

Raj is the one who has to post it but he burns it, that change which no one sees but the bridge does. In the climax, where everything seems fine with Raj and Sakina’s story, the bridge is again under the spotlight as Imaan’s back, it’s an end to Sakina’s wait and loneliness but the beginning of the same for Raj.

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