At the moment, I don’t want to get into relationship, says Adaa Khan!

Small screen actress Adaa Khan says that at the moment she does not want to get into the relationship with anyone. The small screen industry is full of competition and she feels that she is an exception. She very well knows how to balance her personal and professional lives. Whenever she wraps up the shoot she takes up the solitary sojourns. Adaa was last seen in the most popular serial ‘Naagin 2’ and along with that she was also seen in the show titled ‘Comedy Night Bachao’. Now, she is again coming back after a break of four months.

Adaa says that she took a break because she was not well and she was also busy shifting her house. She is looking for a work now. However, she is giving auditions for the positive lead roles but she says that if she got a negative role and that is impactful so she will surely take up that. She says that the most important thing that people should remember you for the role which you have played.

There was a lot of humor in the industry that the actress is joining the team of the Naagin franchise with its third season. When asked the actress that will she be taking the shape of a snake-woman again? On this Adaa replied that there are many people who are assuming that she is a part of the Naagin franchise but she has not committed to any of the projects. However, she believes that the character which she played in the serial ‘Naagin’ has given her career a boost in the first season and somehow it failed to create the magic in the second season. Adaa says that the hype was mostly around Mouni Roy because she played the role of a protagonist.

However, Adaa says that she is not having anything for anyone because she still got appreciated for her work. Adaa says that such type of things does not really bother her much because she believes in the destiny. In the show Naagin, she played the double role of Shesha and Ruchika. She did not understand that why her character did not match up to the hype which has created in the first season. Maybe it had happened because the excitement level dips in every second season of any show or maybe people could watch it according to their convenience on other platforms.

Her co-actor Mouni Roy has made her way to the big screen and Adaa was not much confident about trying her luck in the movies and she is up for a challenge now. Earlier, she says that she was not open to the idea but she is looking for something good. She says that she is more confident now. On the personal front, She might be seen back together with her ex-boyfriend Ankit Gera, however, they both split last year owing to his alleged philandering ways.

About this Adaa said that the love can not just fade away over the night if it is true then it stays with you. However, she said that she is not back with Ankit. They both meet each other and they can not avoid that because both of them share some common friends. She is an emotional person and she says that she does not want to get into a relationship at the moment because she fears heartbreak. She says that in today’s time people very easily get in or out of a relationship. The current craze is that the most of the people want friends with benefit.

She thinks that in this way they are running away from the commitments because they are easily getting to enjoy the benefits of a relationship without any strings attached. She does not think that will she be able to do that or not. Even she doesn’t know if she wants to fall in love again or not but for now she is very sure that she has to concentrate on her career now. She has made her name in the industry from her hard work and she does not want that anybody’s name to be linked with her. She is very happy being a single.

When asked that she failed relationship has left her disillusioned about the love and marriage? On this Adaa said that to an extent it has left her disillusioned but it has made her stronger as well. She was in a mess as when the break up happened around the same time her mother passed away. She was devasted and she felt that her entire world came crashing down. People usually say that running away is not an option but that thing really worked out for her. She went to Dubai to spend some time with her brother. Now, she says that whatever happens, happens for a good cause and she has come out of the crisis stronger and more mature.