Moments in Frames: The Chaos and Treatment in Kumbalangi Nights (2019)

A still from Kumbalangi Nights

‘Kumbalangi Nights,’ right from the beginning highlights the chaos-filled lives of the characters but the story does not seek or intend to present the viewers with an emotional approach and hence, the film continues from scene to scene making us entertained and well informed of the characters and their personal perception towards life. In midst of the story, when Murugan (Saji’s co-worker and friend) tragically dies, the film presents us with numb yet beautiful moments through the silent frames. And these frames subtly make you experience the presence of your own mind too.

Saji’s casual way of seeking medical help from a psychiatrist acts as a message to the viewers that there’s no need of restricting yourself when it comes to opening up about mental health. Coming to the frames again, the distance in terms of the story between the third and sixth frames unfolds a new story arc to the viewers is to say that the first step has been taken to wash away the chaos from their lives and cheering up for a new beginning.

A scene from Kumbalangi Nights

Rewatching Kumbalangi Nights gave me a detailed view of each and every story arc from the film, also giving me an overview of how differently life is been perceived by each and every character of the story. And so, “one time” is just a watch, “twice” is the experience.

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