No Sequel to Mr. India; Confirms Shekhar Kapoor

The Kapoor brothers, who once played an important part in what has now become a legacy in the Indian cinema – Mr. India, have finally confirmed that the much-loved movie will not be getting a sequel after all. Any plans of creation of a further plot were immediately turned down upon the news of lead actor Sridevi’s death.

Boney Kapoor, who produced the movie, has finally been quoted in an official statement announcing that any and all plans of a sequel to Shekhar Kapoor’s Mr. India has been canceled. Boney and his brother Anil Kapoor have confirmed that a unanimous decision had been taken to shelve the plans for a sequel for the time being. According to an inside source, the crew has admitted that a Mr. India sequel without Sridevi playing her main character is meaningless. Comparison with a Mother India film sequel without Nargis, and Agra without the Taj Mahal has been made to show Sridevi’s relevance in the movie. Mr. India had always been the project of the main trio – Amrish Puri, Sridevi, and Anil Kapoor; and any sequel created with a new cast replacing two of the main trio will not have the same magic as the original movie.

Director Shekhar Kapoor has backed up this source by announcing that he never intended to direct a sequel to Mr. India. No plans for a further project had ever been made between him and Boney Kapoor. Shekhar also confirmed that with Sridevi’s unfortunate passing away, “the question doesn’t even arise.”


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