Pakistan decides to ban Padman citing against Islamic culture

The Pakistan’s regime in power, is known to be extremely strict and cautious. It has no amusement in letting it’s country be penetrated by happenings around the world that could harm the current code of conduct.

Akshay Kumar’s latest release Padman, talks about a superhero of a different kind – the one that made Pads. Yes, those very bads that women hide in black glossy plastic bags, when they buy it/use it/carry it. That black bag for many men and young boys out there, may still be a mystery – some still keep wondering what they hold inside.

The film focuses on bringing the issue into the open and talks about a real life hero, from Southern India who chose to speak about the issue, stand up for it and also make pads for the women of his village. The film has managed to create a stir and debate in the Indian subcontinent and has garnered much appreciation for it’s unconventional story line and stellar performances.

However, all is not well with neighbouring country Pakistan when we talk about the film.

The film has been banned by the Federal Censor Board, on grounds that it talks about a ‘taboo’ subject like menstruation and thus can’t be screened in theaters in Pakistan.

“We can’t allow our film distributors to import films which are against our traditions and culture,” FCB member Ishaq Ahmed was quoted as saying by PTI.

“Not only this film Padman, but I think even Padmaavat should not have been released in Pakistan as it portrays Muslims in a very negative light,” said well known Pakistani filmmaker Syed Noor.

Padman, neverthless is touching good numbers overall in other countries, including its own motherland – India.